Supported living of people with
disabilities in Russia

The project is co-financed by the EU

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The solemn opening of a flat for permanent accompanied habitation of young people from the city Vladimir was held on the 4th of March.

“Today, in the day of the opening of the flat for permanent accompanied habitation of young people with disabilities, living without parents in ordinary, domestic conditions instead of the closed establishment we`re launching balloons in the other cities of Russia and passing the baton of opening diverse forms of appropriate life for people with mental and physical disabilities. Today there was opened a flat at Vladimirsky region of permanent accompanied habitation for young people with disabilities, since August 2012 there have been created and are working now 32 foster homes for lone young people with disabilities, since the 1st of January 2014 an act of Vladimirsky region came into force concerning remuneration for tutors of a incapacitated nonnative citizen (remuneration compiles 6 thousand rubles), the city Vladimir apportioned a ground for building of a home for accompanied habitation of young people with disabilities. At the solemn opening of the flat for permanent accompanied habitation of young people with disabilities, living without parents in ordinary, domestic conditions instead of the closed establishment, there were a Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir region Vladimir Kiselev, the Mayor Sergey Vladimir Sakharov , Deputy Governor of the Vladimir region Mikhail Kolkov , Commissioner for Human Rights of the region Lyudmila Valeryevna Romanova, Director of the Department of Social Welfare of the region Lyubov Evgenyevna Kukushkina, Head of the Youth Department of the city Vladimir Elena Sergeevna Aksenova, Director of the municipal institution "Youth Center" Roman Sergeevich Alexandrov, benefactors, volunteers and, of course, guys - members of ARDI "Light", their parents and teachers”.

There was Peter Shteger among the participants of the festive meeting, who`s responsible for the partnership of the cities Erlangen (Germany) – Vladimir (Russia), member of the Public Chamber of Russia Andrey Mikhailovich Tsarev, representatives of social organizations of Russia.

Guests examined the flat. The apartment was acquired without the finishing for the funds of parents from ARDI “Light”, the fund “Renovabis” and Erlang house in the city Vladimir in March 2013. On the 4th of March 2013 the building and maintenance work had commenced. It was carried out by the parents, volunteers, young people with restricted abilities.

On the 23rd of February the flat opened its doors for the young people with disabilities. These youngsters are of 20-30 years old. All of them has studied at “School of Life”, “learning” flats, are taking part in different hobby groups, are on speaking terms with each other and are helping each other.

The flat has 7 rooms, 5 separate rooms for guys about 14 square meters, a room for a teacher of the accompanied habitation, a large kitchen - living room, 4 sanitary rooms and a laundary.

Как будут жить дети, молодые люди с тяжелыми психофизическими нарушениями без родителей, после жизни родителей? Этот вопрос постоянно волнует родителей «особенных» ребят. Именно поэтому родители  АРДИ «Свет» начали работу по внедрению во Владимирской области различных форм   сопровождаемого (поддерживаемого)  проживания. Уже внедрены и работают новые формы: приемная семья, вознаграждение опекунам недееспособных граждан, проживание в домашней обстановке в отдельной квартире, доме. 
How would these guys live, young people with complex mental and physical violations without the parents, after the life of parents? This matter is constantly on the parents` of the “special” children mind. That`s why the parents of ARDI “Light” have started work on the introduction of various forms of the Vladimir region accompanied (supported) accommodation. It`s been already introduced and are working now new forms: foster home, remuneration for tutors of a incapacitated citizen, living in domestic atmosphere in a separate flat, house.

They start learning guys to live on their own, help themselves from the very beginning of the organization:
• At “School of life for children and youngsters”  that were claimed to be unable for studying before,
• during the short-term 2-days independent (supported) habitation,
• During the round-the-clock month habitation with accommodation. All the programs are made together with VOOO ARDI “Light” and MBU “Young Center”.

the program of accompanied living was supported by Mayor of the Vladimir region S.Y.Orlova and Administration of the Vladimir region by way of a grant for social oriented NKO (non-commercial organizations) of the Vladimir region, Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir region Kiselev V.N., Vladimir Mayor Sakharov S.V., the Head of Vladimir administration Shohin A.S., benefactors, volunteers.

All of them have come today to guys with presents for the house-warming.

VOOO ARDI “Light” thanks all non indifferent people, benefactors, volunteers for the help to young people with severe form of disability in realization of their right to live appropriately in domestic conditions.

Lyubov Kats,

Chairman of the Vladimir region public organization

“Association of parents of disabled children “Light”,
Council of the Governor of the Vladimir region on a voluntary basis

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