Supported living of people with
disabilities in Russia

The project is co-financed by the EU

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On the 17th of April 2014 by initiative of the Public chamber of Pskov region there was held a round table for the matters of the accompanied habitation of people with mental disabilities. 30 people took part in it, among them: representatives of social organizations working in the field of disability on the territory of Pskov region, guides of establishments and specialists, parents of children with disabilities, representatives of authorities, members of the Public chamber of Pskov region.

Обсуждались вопросы нормализации жизни людей с инвалидностью в Псковской области, вопросы законодательного регулирования услуг сопровождаемого проживания. По итогам обсуждения принята резолюция и со стороны представителей власти выражено желание продолжить сотрудничество с ПРОБО «Я и Ты» для развития сопровождаемого проживания в регионе. 

There were discussed normalization of life of people with disabilities in Pskov region, issues concerning legislative control of services of followed by habitation. Following the discussion, a resolution was adopted and the representatives of authorities expressed a desire to continue cooperation with PROBO “ME AND YOU” for the development of accompanied habitation in the region.


To become familiar with the resolution of the round table “Accompanied habitation – problems and prospects” follow the link below: