Supported living of people with
disabilities in Russia

The project is co-financed by the EU

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In Pskov PROBO (Pskov Regional Social Charity Organization) “ME AND YOU” arranged a seminar for specialists during 15th – 22th of March. It was attended by 10 social workers, who are to accompany young people with disabilities in the time of their independent living. For those who`s unaware of it: two flats of self-supporting living were opened by the organization in January.

The seminar included theoretical (20 hours) and practical (20 hours) parts.

Theoretical knowledge was oriented on:

·                                 forming ideas of the social nature of the factors of disability, legal, ethical, organizational basics of  accompaniment of people with complex developmental disabilities;

·                                 forming ideas of teamwork for people who accompany;

·                                 forming ideas of purposes, tasks and matter of accompaniment.

During practical training participants of the seminar were choosing information on the content of teaching and preparing education materials taking into account specialties of the concrete accompanied people, learning to use lifting equipment.

It`s a theoretical part of the seminar on the photo. On the upper picture in the news strip there`s a practical part :)

“Me & You” are eager to share as well the news from the right “front”: lawyer of the organization has made in March an explanatory note to the project of the regional law about the accompanied living.

Thanks for your labour! We wish you qualitative mastering of knowledge and new achievements!